"Because Liza is so experienced at what she does, she knows exactly what's needed for both the Freelancer and the Production. She's always my first call when my contract is coming to an end, and I know she'll find me the right job for me'

Cecily Colohan 

Production Coordinator

'The Duke'

"A really helpful service, Liza found someone quickly that was efficient and did the job exactly as we needed! Would gladly use them again." 

Hannah Jennings 

Production Coordinator - Britannia II

"For a Producer the thing about a good Co-ordinator is that they are the eyes in the back of your head.  They are able to see what is coming and take care of it, and see what has happened and fix the things that go wrong. Liza was always able to protect my front and back as well as manage her team with good humour.  It’s a hard trick to pull off!” 

Steve Clark-Hall (Producer - The State, The Man from Uncle)

''I always feel looked after when Liza is on board - she’s the ultimate professional, very experienced and efficient. Last time we worked together, my family was hit by a tragedy and I thank God I had Liza watching my back.  She is one of the loveliest Production people I’ve ever worked with. ’ '


Joe Walker, A.C.E (Film Editor - Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, Sicario, 12 Years A Slave)

“I’ll always be grateful for Liza taking a chance on me, her experience, patience and great humour has enabled me to learn a huge amount in a safe environment. Liza’s work speaks for itself, she has an insane skill of managing multiple challenges whilst maintaining hawk-eye detail and being personable. She’d be an asset to any production team and she’d save the day… I’d be a part of her team again in a heartbeat”

April Kelley - Assistant Production Coordinator, Surviving Christmas 

   & Producer, Mini Productions

“I have worked with Liza on a variety of projects. Ranging from the hugely prepped, abundantly timed, to the most ambitiously timed borderline insane. I have always found it extremely comforting knowing that Liza is on board. Liza’s interdepartmental understanding and ability to create solutions in otherwise impossible situations are second to none. Her vast industry experience has helped her develop the exact no-nonsense approach that I believe is crucial in a Line Producer.


Paul Joy, Gaffer & Best Boy - Bounty Hunters, Bodyguard, Surviving Christmas 

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