Short Ends was set up in 2018 and born out of my own challenges as a working parent in the industry.   

Having previously taken time off to have my children, I realise now how beneficial it would have been to have continued working from home in some capacity to support over stretched productions and keeping me employed! 

Now that I am back full time as a Production Manager for Film & HETV, I believe we can outsource elements of the production process to those experienced & skilled Production staff for one reason or another can't commit to the long shoot hours. 

The industry is busier than ever now, and we have a whole workforce of experienced crew who are not being used effectively.   Short Ends was created to ring fence these skilled workers making it easier for Productions to find them.

In addition to this, and due to the overwhelming demand we have had from freelancers, we have also set up more of a traditional agency for experienced freelancers looking for on site fixed term contracts, from Production Supervisors to Production Secretaries


And so, If you are a Production looking to recruit, or a freelancer looking to be registered, please get in touch today 

My credits include;

Cash Truck (Miramax)

The Gentlemen (Additional Photography - Miramax)

Trigonometry (House for BBC)  

Black Mirror Season 5 (Netflix)

Surviving Christmas (Studio Soho Films)​

Bodyguard (World Productions for BBC)

Bounty Hunters (Tiger Aspect for Sky)

The State (Archery Pictures for C4)

Midsummer Murders (Bentley for ITV)

The Legend of Dick and Dom (CBBC)

Silent Witness (BBC)

Judge John Deed (BBC)

Run (Acme for C4) 

Spooks (Kudos)

Oliver Twist (Diplomat Films for ITV)

The Cazalet Chronicles (Cinema Verity for BBC)

Anna Karenina (Company Pictures for BBC)   

Football Factory (Vertigo Films)

Rock Face II (BBC Scotland) 

Rocket Post (Ultimate Productions)

The Lakes II (Company Pictures)

McCallum II (Clerkenwell)

Some comments from our registered Production Crews

‘I have to say - I'm so excited by your business idea. I've been wishing for there to be an easier way to find work from home and you may have the answer. Exciting times - thank you for involving me’

Film PC


'So many productions these days struggle to keep up with all the paperwork (especially as what’s needed keeps growing!) so great idea to start this up'


‘Sounds like a really progressive and innovative idea that the industry needs.’


'This is a wonderful idea and something the industry is sorely in need of.'



‘I think your idea sounds fantastic! I've often wondered if there was a way to make a business out of some of the aspects of production….  I'd definitely like to do more flexible bits and pieces if possible! It’s just a matter of finding the work!'

Film PC


'Most definitely! I would love to carry on in production. Brilliant idea!'

Film PC

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